Is your home really smart?

How much do I need to know to operate things?

Many devices come with apps that help you set up and install the parts.

Often included are basic use steps for the gadget and you take it from there.



Your mobile device has the ability to communicate with many devices that can add convenience to your lifestyle.

In most cases, if you know how to operate apps on your phone, you are ready!

It is a simple matter of where you want your focus to be.  So many parts of our lives are getting easier, and certainly decisions are more informed than ever.  Routine can be a good thing as well, and having more time even more valuable.  So why not automate many of the "decisions" you make daily, or make repetitive functions happen automatically.  Sounds smart to us!

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More sophisticated devices do require more detailed apps.

The powerful level of control is worth the learning curve to many!


  • A smart remote enables learning the operation of one remote with one button control of multiple devices.
  • A lighting control system set to vacation mode automatically adjusts the lights you specify.
  • A security system can be set to send you messages for any activity that you request notification.

You still make the decisions, just must less often...

Connected Life

You control the easy to follow apps for automated activities.  

With a few simple steps, the learning can begin.

Are there any owner's manuals?

You can quickly become the expert of your devices! 

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