Isn't wireless the best way now?

We are local and have well over 75 years of combined low voltage experience and Brevard county connections.  As the industry continues to evolve, we strive to deliver an experience that serves today and anticipates tomorrow.  By continuing to listen and learn, we can offer the right balance for you.

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  • ​A video and network wire to every monitor allows for hardwired video streaming as well as other possibilities.
  • Having a centrally amplified system wired to multiple speakers or zones makes the cleanest audio installs.
  • Hardwiring the security system ensures years of protection unimpeded by battery life (or connection issues).

Some things just work better with wire.

While many devices work well with a wireless connection, there are many reasons to hardwire whenever possible.

Power consumption is always a concern and typically if a power wire is required a signal wire should tag along.

The company we keep makes us who we are.

We strive to serve our clients as Stewards of Technology.  Offering these gifts to the best of our ability, while maintaining perspective of why we do what we do.  

It's that simple.

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Ok, then why not only hardwire the network?

Connected Life

Ironically, the best wireless networks have hardwired components.